Thank you!

Thank you!

On Thursday, August 1, 2019, the voters of Davidson County elected me to a second term as an At-Large Member of our Metro Council. I am especially humbled to have finished in first place and have received enough votes to avoid the September 12 runoff election. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

While my election seasons is over, the most important position in Metro government is still up for grabs. I have seen many trying to interpret what the August 1 results mean and what we should expect for the runoff. My view is that voters are craving vision and authenticity.

About “vision,” for a generation, it has been easy at any given time to know what the city government’s number one objective is. At different times, it has been football, hockey, soccer, a stadium, a convention center, transit, or to drive our tourism industry forward. Today, if you ask voters what we are trying to accomplish as a city, you get shoulder shrugs. Voters want to hear a vision about where we are headed as a city.

About “authenticity,” in our local politics, people (most times) can smell BS a mile away. Let me offer a positive example. Zulfat Suara has run a good campaign for Council At-Large on many fronts. But one of her core strengths is that she comes across as very authentic. When people talk to her, they feel like they know her and that she’s offering an unfiltered view into who she is as a person.

For the upcoming mayoral runoff, I’m looking forward to hearing out the candidates as they share their vision for Nashville.


Bob Mendes

Bob Mendes represents all of Nashville as a Council-At-Large member of Nashville’s Metro Council. He is Chair of the Council’s Charter Revision Committee, a member of the Metropolitan Audit Committee, and a member of the Council’s Budget & Finance Committee, Rules & Confirmations Committee, and Ad Hoc Affordable Housing Committee. Bob also practices business law at Waypoint Law PLLC. Bob’s complete bio is here. You can follow Bob @mendesbob.