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June 16, 2016
Budget & Finance Committee Working Session on the Operating Budget

Yesterday, the Council’s Budget & Finance Committee had a working session to consider the “Wish List” items proposed by various Council members for the operating budget.  All Council members were invited,… Read more »

June 14, 2016
Flood Wall Planning in CIB

This evening, the Council considered the Mayor’s Capital Improvements Budget (CIB). I proposed an amendment to delete the $110 million flood wall from the CIB. I mentioned yesterday that: There… Read more »

June 13, 2016
Was the Joint Statement Real?

When the Mayor and the Sheriff issued their Joint Statement on June 7, 2016, it was immediately before the Council meeting that evening. In the statement, they urged the Council… Read more »

June 13, 2016
Capital Improvements Budget Up Tomorrow

On June 14, 2016, the Council will consider the proposed Capital Improvements Budget (CIB). The proposed CIB is here, and proposed CIB ordinance is here. The Council’s Office just posted… Read more »

June 07, 2016
Mayor-Sheriff Joint Statement Issued Today

The Mayor and the Sheriff met today over lunch and issued a joint statement about the Criminal Justice Center project. You can read their statement here. I am glad that… Read more »

June 06, 2016
Follow-up: Capital Spending Plan

Earlier today, I posted about my plan to try to amend the Capital Spending Plan to remove $40 million related to the Sheriff’s Office. This afternoon, I was told that… Read more »

June 06, 2016
Amending the Capital Spending Plan

On June 7, the Council will consider the proposed $475 million capital spending plan.  I expect this resolution to be deferred to allow it to track with the capital improvements… Read more »

June 05, 2016
Air Quality Ordinance on 3rd Reading

I’m hearing a lot of community support in favor CM Bedne’s proposed air quality ordinance. There is also a concerted state-wide lobbying effort by interests opposed to the bill. I… Read more »

June 05, 2016
Helpful Metro Websites

Councilmember Kathleen Murphy has put together a list of helpful Metro websites. Here’s her list. I appreciate her putting this list together.  It pulls together a variety of links about development,… Read more »

June 01, 2016
More about Nashville General Hospital

On May 27, 2016, the Mayor, Dr. Joseph Webb, Dr. James Hildreth, and Councilmember Erica Gilmore announced a plan for an independent third party assessment of the financial and governance… Read more »

May 13, 2016
Air Quality Ordinance

This morning, Council members have received a few emails from industry groups talking about the alleged horrible consequences if we pass CM Fabian Bedne’s proposed Air Quality Ordinance.  That ordinance… Read more »

May 02, 2016
FY2017 Budget Ordinance

Here’s the FY2017 Budget Ordinance, BL2016-232. I believe the Mayor’s Office filed it with the Metro Clerk on April 29. This is the proposed operating budget. The Mayor is expected… Read more »

May 01, 2016
Pre-Budget Process Thoughts

As we enter the Metro budget season, here’s where my thoughts are: $121 million in expected new revenue: Metro is projecting that its revenue will grow by 6.1% in Fiscal… Read more »

April 20, 2016
Update From 4/19 Council Meeting

Here’s a quick update of the highlights from last night’s Council meeting: RESOLUTION NO. RS2016-172: We approved a supplemental appropriation for approximately $3 million to various Metro agencies and departments…. Read more »

April 06, 2016
State Legislature + Confirmation =

This was inspired by the combination of two events today: (1) the unjust actions of our State legislature; and (2) my 8th grade daughter asking, as part of her preparation… Read more »