Key issues important to Bob and the decisions that he will make as member of Metro Council

A Livable Nashville

Our city has benefited for years from a low cost of living and widespread affordable housing. But many are worried that those times are coming to an end with the influx of new residents and higher home prices. Bob is working to keep our housing affordable and equitable for all Nashvillians for many years to come.

Nashville also needs practical transit solutions, and we need them sooner rather than later. Bob knows that there’s no single solution that will solve our transit issues; instead, there needs to be a comprehensive plan that considers all of our options. Bob also understands that, while there are many differing opinions on transit, the Council and other city leaders must work together and make compromises to ensure the future of public transit.

A Safe Nashville

Everyone deserves a safe community for themselves and their children. We all want safer streets, and our recent trend towards a neighborhood-focused approach to policing should be continued in the coming years.

A Prosperous Nashville

For now, our city is not having any trouble attracting new business. Our issues arise with where to put those businesses, whether we will allow them tax breaks, and whether those businesses are contributing to the future of Nashville in a meaningful way.

We should see that when businesses build in Nashville, they are looking to the local labor force first before hiring outside. Our city is full of talented, skilled individuals. We have to make sure Nashville is working for all of our neighbors.

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